Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nose picking and games!

I totally understand why Sienna's finger is pretty much constantly up her nose - not only did her Dad have expertise as a nose picker (my brother always had his finger up his nose growing up - he even "taught" me how to pick my nose well and flick it behind the sofa when Mum wasn't watching) BUT why not have it up there? There is lots to find up there and it is perfectly fit for a finger! But as a good Auntie I do try to tell her that she shouldn't have it up there, well not in public - that is for sure!

Board games are FANTASTIC, haven't  played some of the golden oldies in so long...I am so happy to see my nieces enjoy playing the old favs as well. I love Connect Four, Uno, Guess Who?, puzzles - thank god the girls do too. Heaps of fun for kids, educational and entertaining for all! They have been a god-send, can keep even Sienna entertained for well...15 mins or so! Speaking of which, she has joined me now and is about to destroy the office...

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