Monday, August 23, 2010

My weekend of training

Like training for any job really, I was given a manual and numerous instructions as to how to care for these two little girls. I went through everything needed to get Tara organised and off to school - I was even taught how to drive the 'soccer mum's car' - yep, have gone from a small black Barina to a larger black Captiva! Scared the crap out of me at first - but after a while I felt quite comfortable. Still, driving such a big car would not be my choice! Small is definitely the way to go...but I understand why some mum's need the large car, don't get me wrong about that! So, I drove to school, drove to ballet, drove to the gym (where I have to take Sienna to the daycare centre 2 days a week to ensure that her place is kept when Bec comes back and heads back to the gym). And I even got to spend some nice quality time with my brother, which is pretty hard to do now that he has three girls to look after. Before I knew it Dean and Bec were gone and I had the whole house to myself (with my mum and dad thankfully staying as well to help in the mornings and evenings, the both would be going to work during the day). So all in all I felt ready for anything...or so I thought!

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